Info about Speedy Angels
Speedy Angels Crew started in April 2001 on the initiative of Speedy Kid
(Flores Diego) next to Enano (Luis Bogado) decided to form the group, then
adding three more dancers. Gradually grew into a crew of 9 members.
Shortly after its formation Speedy Angels developed this art world, more
just dancers of breakdance, they became professional coreographers of
music groups in Venezuela. They also had the opportunity to participate in
the best dance festivals in Venezuela and abroad, several members of the
group are dance teachers in the most recognized national academies and
also taught workshops at national level.

The Speedy Angels Breakdance Crew has obtained more than 30 first-place
awards in various national competitions and have also participated as
judges, have had the opportunity to represent our country in different
parts of the world including: Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United
States, France, Brazil, Portugal, to participate in major global powers
getting first place in:

* 1st place Jinjo Crew Venezuela LG Tour 2008
* 1st place - Redanza 2003 (Bogota-Colombia) (crew vs crew)
* 1st place 1er Festival de Hip Hop 2004 (Medellin-Colombia) (crew vs
* 1st place Battle Sonic 2006 (Mexico-D.F) (1 vs 1)
* 3rd place Battle Sonic 2007 (Mexico-D.F) (crew vs crew)
* 3rd place - Red Bull BC ONE (Sao Paolo-Brasil) (South American
Qualification 2007) (1 vs 1)
* 1st place - Battle One Session 2008 - La Teste (Bordeaux-Francia)
(crew vs crew)
* 1st place - Amazing Day 2008 (Evreux-Francia) (crew vs crew)
* 1st place - Battle 5 Time Party 2008 / Urban Species (Lyon-Francia)
* 1st place - Circle Prinze South American Qualification 2008 (Sao
Paolo-Brasil) (Seven to Smoke)
* 3rd place - Euro Battle 2008 (Porto-Portugal) (crew vs crew)
* 1st place - Battle El Pastel (Celaya-Mexico) (Seven to Smoke)

As Judges:

* Battle Bogota 2002 (Bogota-Colombia)
* Battle Boricua 2007 (Puerto Rico-Puerto Rico)
* Area Urbana 2007 (Bucaramanga-Colombia)
* Battle O Duelo 2008 (Sao Paolo-Brasil)
* Circle Prinz South American Qualificatio 2008 (Sao Paolo-Brasil)
* Duelo de Titans 2008 (Sao Paolo-Brasil)

Important Appereances:

* Festival Ida Y Vuelta (Block Party) 2008 (Perpinyan-Francia)
* Battle Est Pro 2008 (Luxemburgo-Francia)
* Red Bull BC ONE 2008 (Paris-Francia)

At the national level, Speedy Angels visited almost every state in our
country has the art of urban dance to all corners of it, Battlingg in
Breakdance and at the level performing. At the moment Speedy Angels Crew
is made up of 13 members plus 2 in France:

El Enano(LuÌs Bogado), Speedy Kid (Diego Flores), El Chino (Alberto
Quintero), Oli Boy (Oliver Crespo), BBoy Otto (Otto Cabrera), Turbo
(Humberto RodrÌguez) , Lil G (Gibrahimer Beomont), Hard (Pedro GarcÌa),
Chuky (NÈstor S·nchez), Mini You (Jonder Bogado), Lil Raf (Rafael
Solano),, Pamper (Richard Perez), Famalo (Angelo Gehren), Chuo (Jesus
Aranguren), Tonyz (Anthony Bencimol)-Francia,Lecti (Leticia Ribou)-Francia

[1] http://breaktown.org/temp/promospeedyangels.wmv

Youtube Videos

[2] Miss Venezuela 2004 - Speedy Angels Family
[3] Speedy Angels basquetball show
[4] Speedy Angels cy zone
[5] Speedy Angels valencia 2005
[6] EuroBattle 2009 - Speedy Angels (Venezuela) Vs Dynamic rockers
[7] Link [5] part 2

Links:(copy - paste)
[1] http://breaktown.org/temp/promospeedyangels.wmv
[2] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJH65ZC3qvQ
[3] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYa3ktM2Beg
[4] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHHX9topulY
[5] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrCXpxtepBo
[6] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-FX5ua15Mw
[7] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXinN-sXDk8
[8] contact@breaktown.org